See it. Feel it. Love it. 5 seats, dramatic curves and a whole lot of comfort inside. The bold lines of the cabin with its wrap-around instrument panel mirror the sporty design of the exterior. Chrome accents add a technical, modern edge to the cockpit. The high quality materials of the Opel Astra GTC are matched by the excellent standard of workmanship. Premium options make it even more comfortable, including the orthopedically certified Ergonomic Sport Seats, a luxurious leather trim and first-class Infinity Sound System.
Opel Astra GTC - interior details


Great attention has been paid to detail and quality in the Astra GTC. Like the design and practical placement of control elements like the multi-functional controller or the buttons on the center stack. Or the goose neck door handle. The result: an exquisitely driver-oriented cockpit with excellent ergonomics. The center stack is all about flexibility and intelligence. Tilted at a user-friendly 30-degree angle it emphasizes the feeling of space and depth in the cabin. It houses the main display, Infotainment, air controls and center vents. All are easily reachable and easily navigated.
Opel Astra GTC - roomy interior


As sleek and sporty as it is, the GTC is still roomy and versatile – it’s a five-seater coupé designed to be driven every day. The sweeping lines and wraparound instrument panel harmonize to create a welcoming feeling of airy roominess. The spherically shaped design of the rear passenger area offers both headroom and visibility.
Opel Astra GTC - flexible storage space


As dynamic as the Astra GTC is, it still delivers all the practicality and functionality you expect from a car designed to be driven every day. Take the luggage compartment for example. The FlexFloor system makes loading easy. The adjustable luggage compartment floor lets you fold the rear seats completely flat and raise the floor flat to the rear sill for optimal loading. The clever luggage compartment can be expanded by folding the 60/40 rear seats to give of a huge load capacity.