Opel Astra GTC - Opel Eye camera


Opel Eye Front Camera System is a specialized high-resolution camera that helps you drive safer and avoid speeding tickets. The Astra GTC is the first car to feature the further-developed second generation of this award-winning system. It is mounted in the socket of the interior mirror and reads speed restriction, overtaking and other traffic signs and displays them on the instrument panel display. It also features Lane Departure Warning. In this newly-refined system, the same camera that is used for Traffic Sign Detection senses if you leave your lane of travel unintentionally. It then sounds an acoustic warning signal that is accompanied by a warning sign in the rpm gauge.
Opel Astra GTC - ergonomic seats


The Astra GTC is available with the class-leading fully orthopedic Ergonomic Sport Seat. It adjusts 6 ways with 4-way lumbar support to suit your posture – perfectly. An adjustable seat cushion extension provides relaxing leg support. At the top end you can choose the perforated leather version, with standard seat heating – bringing the GTC into the luxury category. But, if you prefer it, the cloth-covered version provides the same level of support and AGR orthopaedic certification. The seats are another example of the upscale qualities of the Astra GTC. They have the best adjustment ranges in the industry allowing drivers and passengers of all sizes to find their ideal seating position.
Opel Astra GTC - adaptive lighting


Look good and see better. Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL+) is the most advanced headlight system in the Compact Segment. It enhances visibility through curves and sharp bends, making night driving significantly safer – and more relaxed. Nine different light beam settings improve road illumination by up to 90 % versus fixed headlamps. The movable elements in the sleek Bi-Xenon headlights automatically adjust themselves to different driving conditions – providing optimum illumination in every driving situation without dazzling other drivers. The Astra GTC is the first vehicle to feature the fourth generation of this system which – when used together with Opel Eye – includes an Intelligent Light Ranging function that automatically adjusts the headlight intensity according to the proximity of other vehicles.