This is a photo that every great dad should have in his wallet: the Astra GTC Sporty and sleek, the exterior design of GTC catches the eye with dramatically sculpted shapes. Lean and muscular, it has the sculpted shoulders and low, broad stance of a sprinter. With its flowing contours and the widest fender side panels ever done at Opel, it is a joy to behold – and a pure rush to drive. Based on the highly acclaimed GTC Paris concept car, the Astra GTC is pure passion meets concept car edge – for everyday.
Front view Opel Astra GTC


One look at the face of the Astra GTC is all it takes – to feel the passion. The large trapezoidal grille, set low in the front bumper, emphasizes the feeling that this car would be at home on the racetrack. The dynamic light design signals sporting intent – a signature blend of the “eagle eye” shaped bi-xenon headlamps and wing-shaped LED daytime running lights. The familiar chrome bar with logo has been further refined and sits prominently above the grill. The signature Opel centre crease is complemented by the strong “bone lines” running forward from the A-pillars.
Side view Opel Astra GTC


Flowing lines, seamless transitions and a dramatic shoulder line – the profile of the Astra GTC is poetry in motion. The sleek coupé-like silhouette harmonizes with the Opel “blade” sculpted into the lower flanks to help define the poised, athletic attitude of the GTC. The deeply contoured shoulder line draws the eye in, surging back from the door handle to the rear light cluster.
Rear view Opel Astra GTC


Strong and sleek. In the rear, the GTC’s signature shoulder line combines with the sleek roofline to highlight the wide track road presence. The dramatically shaped rear light clusters, LED tail lamps and contoured spoiler also make their mark here. A black lower bumper panel adds contrast and lightness while housing the sporty chrome exhaust pipe and license plate.