Opel Astra GTC - suspension


Even though it loves to play in the streets – the GTC’s suspension systems come straight from the racetrack. For maximum grip with virtually zero torque steer, the front suspension comes with high-performance front struts – a feature previously fitted only on the award-winning, top-of-the-line Insignia OPC. In the rear, the Watt’s linkage cuts out lateral movement. The result is a new benchmark in ride and handling. The Compound Crank with Watt’s link rear suspension has been mostly used in racecars until now. It helps provide outstanding ride and handling characteristics yet minimizes weight and space penalties. So you get better performance plus lower fuel consumption.
Opel Astra GTC - flex ride chassis


With Man’s New Baby now even men can show emotions. With the FlexRide chassis, you can change the driving dynamics of your Astra GTC to suit your mood. There’s a mode for every mood. Enjoy boosted sporting excitement or relaxed long distance cruising at the push of a button. FlexRide automatically adjusts the dampers using sophisticated Continuous Damping Control (CDC) to help ensure optimum traction. In ‘Tour’ mode, it optimizes the settings for gentler, straight-line driving. Switch to ‘Sport’ mode and FlexRide instantly sharpens the response of the speed-sensitive steering and accelerator. Hit the FlexRide switch for ‘Sport’ mode and the color of instrument lighting even changes – from a cool white to dynamic red.
Opel Astra GTC - engines


Eight engines are available, delivering a wide range of performance and efficiency. Almost all feature fuel-saving Opel Start/Stop technology. In these times when environmental compatibility and economy are a top priority, the ecoFLEX models are the perfect choice. The highly efficient ecoFLEX models are equipped with some of the most innovative and cutting edge emission lowering technology available.